sin-universe: May I please cosplay genderbend Kuro? I promise I'll give your deserved credit! ⊙△⊙;;

yes of course! thank you for asking :’> can’t wait to see it!

匿名: r u still alive

The dark lord is very. much. ALIVE. 

yeahyeahjam: Kooo! Hello! How are you? OMG I miss you and your art so much! *sobs* I need you on my dash againandagain! Please, come and save me:( please come baaack! Forever love you^^

hallo :33 i’m well, howre you?? 
I’m working on it! thanks for putting up with my artblock :’D

匿名: Hey I see one of your art on InspireFirst Pinterest, and then I learn that you're a EXO fan ! So so cool and I like your style :)

hello :> yesss! I LOVE EXO -coughcough- lol thank you!  
kkaebsonggg XD

seis-butt: I was scrolling through your blog and I saw that you had art block and saw a tag that said your year wasn't going well. D: I hope you feel a lot better and get back to drawing those beautiful painting that you do! Have a happy day c:

thank you very much :’3 i’ve been dealing with alot but i’m trying to get back to drawing slowly but surely lol